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More and more, my heart desires things that are part of Lang's. Such as...

- Kentucky Wild Cats
- intense tv shows (ie: homeland & breaking bad)
- chocolate ice cream
- sheets that aren't tucked in
- the Kentucky derby

...which very well may be my new favorite day of the year.

There is something so beautiful about everyone getting gussied up in their Sunday best to go down to the track to watch the races. Watching those horses come around the bend, their jockey tightly crouching in their colorful silks, is so timeless! I got the chills every time--and even teared up a little.

Mint Juleps were consumed, two dollar bets were made, I saw some famous people and had a 10 second conversation with Aaron Rodgers (who kindly declined my photo saying, "maybe later?").  Just to be clear, Aaron, I completely understand and will cash in my "later" next year.

Oh my heart strings. Lang and I had such a wonderful weekend, but it leaves me with one final question:

Does this make me an official southerner?

This is me tweeting at Aaron Rodgers after I didn't get my picture. I was determined.

I have a picture of LeBron that looks real similar.

Farmington Derby Breakfast. I was a little sleepy that morning. 

The last derby party we shot at one of the hippest spots in Lou. Such a great finish to derby weekend.
(not to mention that this guy was here).

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