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I'm switching it up real quick.

When you go to a lot of weddings, you can usually boil the music down to a science. There's a format. Music to get the older folks on the floor, then onto group dancing (cupid shuffle, electric slide) and lastly the youngins music (yeah, call me maybe, umbrella, etc...).

Finding good music for a wedding is hard! Usually, you're attempting to accomodate musical tastes that span 70 years. That's no easy feat y'all.

We've been around some great bands and some bumpin iPod playlists, but this one band a couple weeks ago had Lang and I hooked. They were incredible! Imagine The Killers going into the wedding biz with a twist of complex jazz. That is in essence The Downtown Band.

Everyone stuck around. People of all ages were on the dance floor and a ton of people just stood around soaking in the sweet, complex sounds and renditions on their favorite tunes.

Check them out.
Book them if you're getting married.
Crash a wedding they're playing.
Promote them to your friends.

Get these people back in Lou!

How long do you think it's socially appropriate before you renew your vows?  ;)

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