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happy 2014 folks!

I'm still not sure whatever happened to 2007, but I'm happy 2014 is here. It's a year that I've had posted in my brain and on bulletin boards for the past four years. My first class of Algebra wizards will be graduating this spring! It's wild. It makes me so happy, so bewildered and tearfully proud.

Lang and I have hit the ground running this 2014. We're currently rebuilding our photography blog and curio quilt--so thankful for our techie friends--as well as rebuilding our bodies. Lang and I have vowed to do T25 five days a week until South Africa and schedules have permitted us to get back into cooking with whole foods. It feels so wonderful to get back on track. And lastly, we're also rebuilding our home. Floors are being refinished, along with 100 year old bathtubs, and the high-hoped removal of a six layered linoleum floor. HELP.

And yet in the midst of "getting things done," Lang and I have managed to keep our slow mornings slow. Reflecting on last year and searching my heart for desires of the next has left me overwhelmed with thanksgiving--thankful for the gift of life, my sweet husband, community and the Lord's provision  ---        lean not on your own understanding...     ----

note: I'm also thankful for chorizo, black bean cakes and runny eggs :)

I'll be back soon-- lots of exciting posts on the docket!!

stay warm, friends :)


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