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There have been some GREAT articles being published as of late!
Perhaps there's a direct correlation with the chill of fall and good writing...
-- falls leaves + october skies + ciders 'n lattes + comfy clothes = inspiration! --

Whatever it is, I like.
Give these a gander--
they're fascinating, inspiring, eye opening, and funny.

Shout out to all you goat lovers out there!
(you've got to check out the goat article)

Happy hump day, y'all.

I N  T H E  K N O W
8 Ways You Can Give To A Women's Homeless Shelter
The Myth of 'I'm Bad at Math'

J O U R N A L I S M  +  S O C I O L O G Y 
Documenting the Delta, then and now
'Can I touch it?' exploring gender, race and generational gaps

W O M E N  +  F A I T H 
single and not waiting

! ! ! F U N ! ! !
13 Pictures of Crazy Goats on Cliffs
America's Mood Map: An Interactive Guide to the United States of Attitude

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