busy bee



I've been a bad blogger.

Many of you have asked what the holdup has been lately--
and truth be told:
while there are leaves on the trees,
our life can be summed up by weddings and Cliff bars.

Life has been crazy.
But this is a good thing.
Amazing people are marrying each other
and I get to capture their stories with my husband.
Nothing to complain about here.

And so, Lang posted one of our favorites yesterday.
You should look at it.
The wedding was incredible--
our sweet friends
two wonderful families
incredible aesthetics
and my studly husband as a groomsman.
D R E A M Y.

So, this may be a lazy blogger move
but you should look at our other blog this morning.
Until then, we'll be editing,
sending out pictures,
eating frozen burritos,
and preparing for our trip to D E N V E R.

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