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Five-foot-nothing rural Ohio girl moves to Chicago
and asks her six-foot-nine neighbor for a ladder.
Curtains needed to be hung.
"Well, I'm 6'9 (and you're cute), I can hang 'em for you."
She let him.

Fast forward one year. 
And in a Wicker Park living room, a standard poodle as a witness,
they wed.

Two years down the road,
along came Jonny
And not long there after,
came me. 

The fiery five-foot-nothing woman became a mother.
An amazing mother.
One with such a tender, loving heart
that mothered to many more than only her children.

So thankful for her patient, gentle, serving heart.
Who loves unconditionally
and offers grace continuously.

So much love and gratitude for you.
Happy Mother's Day :)

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