Lessons in the Garden


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Why gardening is so wonderful:

1. You don't really know what you're going to get.
This is good. I've learned about patience, grace and the sweetness of fruit (ie: when I freaked out at the sight of my baby broccoli floret).

2. Weeds offer up some great meditation and reflection.
There's a reason why gardens, weeds and fruit are major metaphors in the Bible. I spent a good two hours weeding last friday and it was really insightful. Some weeds were easy to pull out, some had huge root systems, some are really slow growing, while others are incredible fast. It pushed me to question myself about what weeds are in my life. Cheesy I know, but when you're hands are in the dirt working hard to get rid of these things that choke and kill the life you're trying to cultivate, things get deep. It makes me thankful to be able to pull weeds.

3. There's a gardening community
...and gardeners are often so quick to help a fellow gardener. Case in point: my sweet friend came to my garden's rescue during a bug crisis. Not only did she offer much gardener wisdom, she also came and brought over this miracle juice. Works like a charm. And yes, you were totally right, Dogs really like it.

4. Dirt.
You get to play in dirt and then eat stuff from it. LeBron isn't the only one who loves it...

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