february: history, hearts and sun


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Hiatal return.

I'm back! And thank goodness we're one step closer to spring. February was a good month--like really good. Rather than rambling on, which I'm really gifted at (poor Lang), I'll give you the facts and events starting with the best.

My dad had a PET scan that showed no cancer activity! For some of you who know, a month after my parents moved down south near Louisville, my dad was diagnosed with stage four cancer. His healing is miraculous! Only four chemo sessions. We're still freaking out about that. God is good and real big.

Took a trip down to the delta to see some beloveds. Got to spend an afternoon at school, barely dodged a teacher-student dance off, went on a couple of walks with Jack and spend an afternoon at the store. It was the perfect weekend.

Somehow found myself training for a half marathon. These are the kind of things that happen when you make new friends. Straight cray.

Still cute.

Some of the finest Wisco ladies ventured down to Lou for a weekend. I graduated high school with these girls and left with an oath to get together once a year. Short synopsis- chocolate, pajamas, karaoke and zumba/outlandish comments by my love, slim.

And the last February jam, we got out the real camera for...Sprriiiinnnng Breaaaaak! Well, not exactly, but kinda. Lang and I went down to a family condo with some good friends of ours. It was the perfect vacation. Perfect weather, good books, incredible kitchen to cook in, runs on the beach, abundance of old people and best friends. That weekend shoved PCB to the curb. Full Florida post to come!

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